Lord: King Njord
Capital: Kopingdäl
Guilds: Hjolvar Bay Trading Company (Jo)
Temples: The Staff of Eirik, Adalvaldr (Ad)
Wizards: Hatim, Monulf
Other People:
Nomadic Tribes: Helskaar Tribe

Province Name Rating Law Guild Temple Source
Svinov Nj (2) 0 Jo (2) 0 0
Djurik 0 0 Jo (0) 0 0
Kopingdal Nj (3) Nj (1) Jo (3) Ad (3) Mo (0)
Junfjor 0 0 Jo (0) 0 0
Vaaltrand 0 0 Jo (0) 0 0
Freikstaad Nj (3) 0 Jo (3) 0 0
Hruthjik 0 0 Jo (0) 0 0

Jarl: Jan of Belik

Province Name Rating Law Guild Temple Source
Belik Jan (2) 0 Jo (1) 0 0

Jarl: Alther of Tarlhaas

Province Name Rating Law Guild Temple Source
Tarlhaas Alther (2) Alther (2) Jo (2) Ad (0) 0

My lords, Hjolvar was made into a jarldom only recently by the efforts of Njord of Hjolvar. His father, Berek of Trondelaag, led a mighty expedition with many Rjurik warriors deep into the lands of the goblins after winning passage through the elvish kingdom with gifts and flattery. However, his men were slaughtered and his army destroyed. Njord, his son, escaped when the others did not. Taking twenty four living huscarls and the ancient spear that was the sign of his house, Njord fled into the wilds of Hjolvar.

Arriving there in the winter of 550 MR., he sought sanctuary in the town of Kopingdäl. The Headman of the village, Alther Knotbeard, refused to house such dangerous warriors. In response, Njord had him clapped in chains and took over Kopingdäl himself.


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